Video: Starpool Covers “Up Yours”; Gwen And Alan Meade React


Thank you to good friend of the band and BSO, Eric Keyes, for posting a couple responses he’s heard from both Gwen and Alan Meade on the “Up Yours” cover! He forwarded our link on to them! So glad to hear that they are both fans of it, and apparently Starpool only rehearsed the song twice! Love it!

I sent the link to Alan and he replied
“OMG! I didn’t know it was being filmed! But you never know who’s rolling! We only had 2 practices and it was a little rough hitting notes I used to hit when I was 17/18 but it was so much fun doing that song! I hope ND doesn’t think we butchered it too bad if they see it! LOL!”

I also forwarded it on to Gwen who replied with
“Wow insane! So happy for him :)”

I watched it again this morning so much fun and whoever the girl is did a great job too =)

And just for fun, check out an early version of the performance from No Doubt with Alan!


Woah! Apparently “Up Yours” was heard on the radio yesterday afternoon on KPFK. How incredible — thanks Fabian!

Thanks to Tazy for sharing the video with us! Check out this cover of “Up Yours” that Starpool covered a couple of nights ago when they performed at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, California. If you remember, lead singer Alan Meade used to be in No Doubt back in the day and actually sang on the original track, so this is pretty neat. It sounds so awesome and how cool would it have been to see them perform this?

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