Videos: “Big City”, “Let’s Get Back” Live

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Check out a rare video of No Doubt performing “Big City” (an early version of “Big City Train”) live in Hollywood at the John Anson Ford Theater on April 1, 1989.

The video comes courtesy of Richard Alan White and Raw420Films, the great team that brought us Discovering No Doubt and Discovering Gwen Stefani, and features more of their home footage from the early days of No Doubt.

Like mentioned previously, the team has aspirations to release a full rockumentary’s worth of stuff for the fans but would need help. Click here to find out more and to donate.


Raw420 has uploaded more backstage footage of Gwen in 1991 preparing her outfit for the night’s show with filmmaker White and former trumpet player, Gabriel Gonzalez, and a live version of “Let’s Get Back” from their UCI Crawford Hall show.

9 Replies to “Videos: “Big City”, “Let’s Get Back” Live”

    1. We’ve already released Bad Religion:The Riot, and TSOL:Live from O.C. on DVD. Securing the rights and clearances for this project would be handled with our legal department. There’s just to much raw production footage for all of this and the ND fans would much rather hold something viable in their hands, and of course this could be a Video on Demand download release. Ultimately up to the management/legal team when all is said and done.

        1. Yes, Jenny full set multiple camera angles. It’s golden footage. There are a few tech issues nothing major. The center stage camera is a little washed out from the spot light, other than that it’s great. the same for the Anson ford footage in April of 1989

  1. Bad Religion, The Riot, and TSOL are another realm – no Gwen Stefani attached. ND doesn’t want it out there. It would take the legal team years to get in contact with ND’s -Fans do of course want it, yern for it. Good luck with your mission – i put my old ND on youtube for the fans – – but good luck – i cant wait for the full show to view

    1. We already had contact regarding the “Gwen/No Doubt” rockumentary production in 2007 with their management team. Securing rights and clearances is just that, it’s business. If it generates revenue it’s a win win for everyone, it’s given to the universe so it knows what to create for all of us. Positive visualization, it really works as I am a living example, here we are watching and listening.

    2. I should mention this because you have a great outlook on this, it took me 5 years to secure the rights and clearances for the “Bad Religion:The Riot” VHS/DVD release, 1996, with the special edition in 2006. It took 11 years to secure the rights and clearances for the TSOL:Live from O.C. VHS/DVD release in 2002. Both had and still have worldwide distribution which in fact creates jobs and employment for hard working families involved with these projects so yes these productions take time. My Nine Inch Nails rockumentary is in acquisitions with my distributor as we speak for a worldwide DVD release. I finished the DVD production in 2006. I’ve been working on the rights and clearances for the past 7 years. I’m very honored to get to share these amazing productions that have been in a control vault for over 20 years.

  2. Dealin with No Doubt is rather easy and painless as they are cool with sharing anything that they ARENT planning on releasing themselves. They were specific about that. I asked before i became the 1st to upload full shows to youtube and they said Go for iT! I dunno if tit will take ya a decade to get a release on your super chioce footage to make money off it on a dvd but good luck. If it happens then please for the love of God, release the multi-cams in its entirety even if its an extra bonus to your doc. thanks and Have a merry No Doubt Christmas eveyone.

    oh and a forum memory. remember when derek degroat released that unreleased ND song online and shortly after nxds people showed up at his freakin door. anyhoo latas

  3. God watching this makes me so sad…they were so good back in the day! This makes the new stuff look so pale in comparison. I wish they were still making music, but it seems like ever since Eric left the magic has just been gone.

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