‘Voice’ Coach Adam Levine “Delighted” Gwen Is Returning For Season 9

The Voice - Season 7

In a brief new interview with Maroon 5 singer and fellow Voice coach Adam Levine for Access Hollywood, he confirms that Gwen will be returning to the hit singing competition show for season 9. Adam shares that he’s excited to work with her again and says that she’s the best.

Gwen Stefani is coming back. I’m delighted, I love her so much. I just cannot wait. She’s the best.

Tickets for the Blind Auditions are still available and live tapings are set to kick off on June 29 in Los Angeles.

22 Replies to “‘Voice’ Coach Adam Levine “Delighted” Gwen Is Returning For Season 9”

  1. It’s true everyone loves her. Still have yet to hear someone say anything bad about her personality which is rare in Hollywood.

  2. Everyone loves Gwen for one she is drop dead gorgeous and two she is subprimely talented and she is diffrebt and extremely friendly I’ll never forgot when the VF article described her as being part of the HOLLYWOOD gliteratti…

  3. It helps that she’s not controversial so there’s no good reason to dislike her. I love that she has traditional family values in everyday life, but can rock the stage at night. That’s pretty rare in Hollywood.

  4. Adam shares that he loves her and thinks she’s the best. ”I love her, she’s the best!”

    Sometimes the introductions are a bit redundant.

  5. Definitely agree with you Amanda sometimes I wish Gwen was more controversial she tries very hard to not piss anyone off that’s what I have always respected about Madonna she is controversial and unapologetic about it she does what she pleases and I love that about her…

  6. Well, the last time Gwen tried to be more “controversial” and edgy it resulted in a huge backlash (LH video), so I’m sure she will always be more careful now. It’s not a bad thing to represent “traditional” family values, though. Just look where Madonna’s unapologetic attitude has taken her: Basically everybody hates her these days or at least many think she’s a desperate joke. I think all her controversies have started to overshadow her true talent and her art. I think Gwen has created a bulletproof image for herself. She wouldn’t get all those great gigs and partnerships with various brands, if she didn’t have this “down to earth” and “so nice to work with” reputation.

  7. Yeah…it’s a shame because Rebel Heart is actually a good album. I guess she’d rather have people hate her and talk about her than respect her and not talk about her so much haha But I have to say…I never heard STF or BDL on the radio and I’ve heard Ghosttown several times, so it doesn’t always hurt to have people talking I guess.

    I think Gwen has matured and aged quite gracefully and I’m really curious on what her creative vision will be for the next solo album (if it happens). She’s going to have to think about what kind of entertainer she wants to be at 45…style, sex appeal, video concepts, etc.

  8. Madonna has ALWAYS relied on stunts/controversy. I think its so classy and commands a different kind of respect for artist like Gwen who don’t need any of that bullshit, just releasing great work that stands on its own.

  9. While their intention wasn’t to be controversial, the video was perceived that way by many. They just didn’t milk it like other artists would have.

  10. Believe me I use to hate Madonna but after listing to her Howard Stern interview she is extremely intelligent and interesting believe me I worship Gwen to me she is a goddess and the hottest women to walk the face of the earth I’m just saying I wish she would write about controversial issues and be more outspoken she is constantly trying to please everyone I wonder what would happen if she said fuck it and truly did HER… Don’t you all love my constant run on sentences 🙂

  11. I don’t think it would be HER to be outspoken and edgy though? I think she prefers to do it subtly…with music.

  12. I don’t hate Madonna by any means. Gwen just isn’t one of those artist, that intentionally ‘shocks’. That’s just not her, famous or not. She does ‘do her’. Madonna has been a royal pop star for decades upon decades, probably before most people on here were even born. She IS the queen of pop, but does she really need a song called ‘bitch I’m madonna’– take selfies with Kim kardashian/kanye– ‘shuffle’ with lmfao at the superbowl…LOL, its like bitch we know you’re Madonna, whyyyyyyy do u still feel the need to show your ass at the grammys?! Lol desperate

  13. Linda Perry is known for getting pop artists to “dig deep” and even she couldn’t get much out of Gwen besides writer’s block and a deceased childhood friend. I don’t think Gwen is putting on a facade of being wholesome or likeable; I think she really is that way. For her to suddenly try to be controversial or outspoken would be fake and probably perceived as “desperate.”. The most “controversial” things in her career have been the Harajuku Girls, Gavin’s past and the LH video and she stays pretty mum about most of that.

  14. I agree with Amanda. Gwen just isn’t very edgy and outspoken and I don’t think she ever wanted to be. I could be wrong, but didn’t she say that she found it weird that “Just a girl” became a “feminist anthem” to some? She was just singing about her own life and it was never meant to be feminist. I still think that “Long way to go” was a VERY unsusual song for Gwen lyrically since she has never touched political/social issues before.

  15. I’m not saying she isn’t that way but come on guys Gwen has opinions on things that she would never voice in fear of bad press…

  16. But for what reason does she has to say her opinions about some sensitive things?? I prefer Gwen being careful, prudent, respectful unlike some big mouth celebrities who always screw it up

  17. Does anyone remember when ND where playing for I think a children’s hospital, this was maybe when JAG was just getting some attention and she said something along the lines of, if she were to become pregnant she would choose to have it and not abort it. Does anyone remember this?? It was so long ago,, but I remember her getting some heat for it and ever since she’s been totally neutral

  18. She speaks up at times, but she’s just careful about it than most… More recently she got some heat for the harajuku girls comments and all of ND have become a little more political. I like that they are fairly neutral and know when to shut up LOL

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