Video: “Looking Hot” Live on The Tonight Show

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Here is another version including their introduction and closing credits. Thanks Heather!

Check out No Doubt’s live performance of “Looking Hot” from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in HD that aired last night. What did you think of the performance?

Click here to check out photos from the performance, too.

15 Replies to “Video: “Looking Hot” Live on The Tonight Show”

  1. They are great live, and lol first time Ive seen on a no doubt preformance gwen wearing heals, she usually wheres flats or boots XD Still cool

  2. If it’s true that Obama got them on there that’s awesome! Great performance! I hope this is a smash hit for them!

  3. One of my faves! Still kicking myself that I completely forgot that they were on tv last night, but atleast I saw the video. Great song and can’t wait to see the music video.

  4. No Doubt you guys rocked last night on Leno. I think your all ” Loooking Hot”, and the music is fun to sing, and dance too. Look out world here comes No Doubt ready to take over. I love the new songs , new style, and I LOVE YOU! NDBTGRL. Anaheim, CA.

  5. No Doubt you guys rocked on Leno last night. I think you all are ” Looking Hot”.I love your new songs they are fun to dance, and sing too. Look out world here comes No Doubt ready to take over with their new sounds , and styles. I am rockin out here in Anaheim, CA. loving you No Doubt!

  6. Just seeing this now. I honestly didn’t get this song until I heard it live, and now I just play the live youtube videos on repeat nonstop.

  7. the second vid is a much better audio version. love it! they let me feel I’m looking hot too as everybody does! 😉

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