Tweets: Gwen’s Coming Home With Sophie; Gorry Shares Photos

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Producer Anthony Gorry also Tweeted this morning that the band was up early in the studio Skyping with Gwen! Looks like the band is back at it again! We are also curious about this “decision time” that they are talking about…

Looking forward to seeing you too G. Safe flight and see you tomorrow x @nodoubt

Here is a picture of @nodoubt @markspikestent and #GwenStefani on Skype. We are all deep in conference! Decision Time..

Up bright & early for another day in the studio with @nodoubt and @markspikestent. It was great to see the live room rocking last night.

Gwen Tweeted this morning that she is on her way home… with director friend Sophie Muller! Our mind is kind of racing why she’s coming back to the States with Gwen… new video? Filming more L.A.M.B. footage? We’re excited for Gwen to be back in the studio with the boys!

@AnthonyGorry @nodoubt can’t wait for studio!!!! Yay!!! Gx

Flying home!! W Sophie my English girl x

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