Luggage coming with Harajuku Mini

Thanks to GwenStefaniFan and our friends at Everything in Time, Target will be offering luggage along with Harajuku Mini. I personally can’t wait for the line to hit the stores! I work for Target as well, as soon as it comes out I will let you know!

I work for Target and as you all know, Harajuki Mini launches next month. I noticed today that we have an endcap all set up for the Harajuku Mini luggage. It already has the shelf labels on it with the description and prices, with luggage from the movie Cars temporarily in its place. Since it is already tied to an endcap, that means they are just waiting on the product to come in, so it should be available very soon. I checked in our system and to my surprise many stores already have the luggage in stock. Here are the item numbers if anyone wants to try checking their local Target:

Luggage Tag: 069-03-0087

Cosmetic Case: 069-03-0112

Flight Bag: 069-03-0121

Rolling Luggage: 069-03-0154

If we don’t get ours in stock within the next few days, I may drive to another store to take a look at it. If anyone finds it in their area before I do, I would love to see photos. I will let you guys know when we get ours in if someone else doesn’t find it first.



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  1. I found a few of these items at Target last night! They had the flight bag, rolling luggage and cosmetic case. I bought the cosmetic case. Start checking your Target stores now. (This was at the Target in Woodland Hills, CA on Ventura Blvd.)

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