Happy 11th Anniversary To Return Of Saturn

Everyone at BSO would like to congratulate the band on the 11th anniversary of the release of their fourth album, 2000’s Return of Saturn. The album I think is one of the band’s finest, and holds a special heart in many fan’s hearts including myself. Return of Saturn also happens to be my favorite era from the band and was my first opportunity to see them live at the EMP opening ceremony in Seattle when I was 15.

… see? You best believe I was there in a pink wig and bum flap! Thank you to No Doubt for the amazing memories we have and to many more! Now tell us, what is your favorite song from Return of Saturn? What was your favorite single or video from the album?

Wikipedia — Return of Saturn is the fourth studio album by the American rock band No Doubt, released on Interscope Records on April 11, 2000. After touring for two and a half years to promote their breakthrough third studio album, Tragic Kingdom, No Doubt wrote several dozen songs for its follow-up and eventually settled on working with producer Glen Ballard. Creating the album became a tumultuous process lasting two years, during which there was dissension among band members and between the band and its label. The album was completed after the band returned to the studio and recorded what became two of the album’s singles.

The album maintains the ska punk and reggae influences of the band’s previous work, but with slower, more ballad-like songs. The lyrics to many of the songs describe singer Gwen Stefani’s pining for a more domestic life, contrasting that with her commitment to a music career.

Upon release, Return of Saturn received mixed reviews from music critics. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 but was unable to measure up to the sales of Tragic Kingdom. The album produced four singles, only one of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100. At the 43rd Grammy Awards, Return of Saturn was nominated for Best Rock Album.

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