Gwen’s Hair Color Commercial Is Airing NOW!

Thank you so much to MB for sending in, but Gwen’s hair color ad is NOW airing on TV. “Luxurious” plays in the background of the commercial this time. Has anyone else seen it? We will keep a look out and post it as soon as we can!

Apparently the commercial has a more “darker” look to it. It features a lot of black and gold, just like the lipstick ad was mostly red and white. They use footage of Gwen in a gold top, and the Kennedy Center Honors white shirt and tie look with her hair back. We can’t wait to see it! Gwen’s shoot by the Hollywood sign was used, as well as some shots we saw previously in the behind the scenes video. She ends the video with “It’s shine time!”

And thank you so much to LittleMexiGwen for letting us know, a print L’Oreal ad featuring Gwen is in the March issue of Vanity Fair! We will check it out and have it up soon as well!

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