Tweets: Tony Thanks The Fans For The Coco Love

How adorable! Thank you Tony and Erin for being so amazing and we are so thrilled for the arrival of baby Coco! Happy one week Birthday as well to the sweet girl! We cannot wait to see her and are so grateful for Tony’s thanks! Tony posted on the official forum and Tweeted just a few moments ago to us!

Official Forum — Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and excitement for Coco! I have been waiting 40 years for her to get here and I didn’t even know it! Erin and I are in heaven. We can’t wait to bring Coco to the studio to see what she thinks about the new songs 😉 Lots of love, Tony

Happy One Week Birthday to my beautiful baby Coco! I can’t believe it’s already been a week since you arrived. Oh how time flies 🙂 -Tony
2 minutes ago via web

Thank you for all the Coco love!!! She is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to us. Erin and I are in heaven! – Tony
4 minutes ago via web

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