Tweets: More Rehearsals

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Tom and Adro tweeted today (and late last night) that they were doing more rehearsals for the LA shows coming up.  We’re so excited that they are breaking out these old tunes for us fans!  Tom also gives a shout out to Studio By Bridget for hooking them up with the space to practice.


Also – the band’s official Twitter (and Instagram) shared one more shot from the set of “Looking Hot”!  We hope we get to see this video soon – it looks like something really new for the band!

‏@AdrianYoungND Getting ready to bring it to the stage! Old songs, new songs. Getting exciting around here!
@TomDumontND just got to “work” looking forward to learning some new old songs today.
@TomDumontND In training for the LA ND shows, thanks to @studiobybridget in the#LBC
@nodoubt Download UVIEW now in the @iTunes app store and watch the members of @NoDoubt in 3D! -
@nodoubt Another pic from the video set last week!

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