Tweets: Let The Casting Begin!

We love it! Gwen mentioned that her and the L.A.M.B. team and starting to cast models for next week’s show. We hope she keeps the trend and Tweets to us like crazy! We love you Gwen! Good luck!

Pretty lambs gx
3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

Let the casting begin! Gx
6 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

A couple of models actually Tweeted from the casting as well about how excited they were to be there for Gwen!

@ShelbyWelinder Just walked for Gwen Stefani @ LAMB show casting. Nearly died.

@SarahSarina im freakin out because i had to walk in front of Gwen Stefani today!! omg shes so pretty…totally admire her:) and she said i was cute!

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