Ted Stryker Previews New Music from DREAMCAR; First Look

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Photo courtesy of Ted Stryker/Twitter

KROQ DJ Ted Stryker had the pleasure of meeting with the men from DREAMCAR and shared that he was treated to a preview of six new songs. “Wow is all I have to say…,” he later Tweeted out along with a photo giving fans a first look at DREAMCAR together with Stryker.

Tom had shared that fans can look forward to hearing new music prior to their debut Coachella performance in April. There is no word yet on a release date for DREAMCAR but luckily we’ll be hearing something in the next few months!

5 Replies to “Ted Stryker Previews New Music from DREAMCAR; First Look”

    1. I thought so too at first but now I like it. Seems chill.
      It’s a good time to debut something now. Rap is sliding way down in popularity… Has been a lull on interesting solo artists and even more so on good bands.

  1. life is so weird I have an excellent feeling this will just randomly turn out to be a major success – I love Gwen endlessly but I think we live in a time where molds are being broken and things that were impossible are now possible – I’m all for the rest of the band blowing up and having their own success just as big as Gwen if not bigger in their own way – music is universal and a good song is that – so lets hear it! 😀

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