UNITY’s Shaun Monson’s High Praise for Tony

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UNITY film maker Shaun Monson reached out to his followers last night and praised Tony and his contribution to the upcoming documentary that is being pushed on Kickstarter. Monson says that Tony is one of the “most sensitive and open-minded rockers” he’s ever met. He admires Tony for being able to rock out on stage and being such a conscious person at the same time.

For more information on the upcoming film and Tony’s contribution, click here. We wish tons of success for the film and hope it’s message reaches many around the world.

Instagram — “#TonyKanal’s one of the most #sensitive and open-minded #rockers I’ve ever met. To see him on stage, jumping up and down with his #band @NoDoubt is one thing. But to sit with him as he calmly recites dialogue for #Unity is another. Tony is a #conscious being, plain and simple. He cares about #people, about #animals, the #environment. And we are so grateful to have him in Unity!” – @ShaunMonson #DONATE TO THE #UNITYFILM #KICKSTARTER: link on profile page or visit unitythemovement.com

Tony also reached out to Monson last night on Twitter and said that an early screening of the film was life-changing for him.

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