Instagrams: Tony’s Writing Session with Jimmy Harry

Tony shared a photo of himself and writing partner Jimmy Harry in the studio together while stating it’s their first writing session of the year this afternoon.

Wishing him and Jimmy the best of luck! Tony and Jimmy have worked together previously over the past year with multiple artists including Jessie and the Toy Boys and and singer/songwriter Breanna Kennedy.

8 Replies to “Instagrams: Tony’s Writing Session with Jimmy Harry”

  1. What band? At this point ND is no longer active. So it’s only fair for them to free thenselves and be creative with other people.

  2. Yeah I guess right now ND isn’t even an option for them. The band is on hiatus, there are no plans, so it’s only fair that all of them just do what they want. I just hope we’ll get at least some new music from Gwen this year.

  3. But could they be writing new music for ND and he’s just covering up? …hmmmm you know how sneaky they can be

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