Tony’s New Interview with One Green Planet


Tony shared a new interview he had done with One Green Planet to help raise awareness for animal rights and #NoAgGag laws.

Tony has been a longtime vegetarian but since the birth of his first baby girl three years ago, he’s become vegan and continues to fight for animals. “It wasn’t until I had a kid, I started to think about how they artificially inseminate a mother cow and take her baby away so we can then steal the milk for ourselves. The fate of the calves is horrible and when the mother is spent, she is slaughtered. It’s a slaughter industry.” He says that he’s vegan for ethical reasons but mostly for animal rights.

The article mentions how Tony has joined the fight alongside Mercy for Animals and their #NoAgGag campaign “in order to raise awareness for the need to fight legislation that would limit or eliminate undercover investigations into factory farms.” He calls the AgGag laws “un-American” and says that undercover investigations are vital. “There are no governmental bodies that protect farm animals and these undercover investigations are all we really have.”

For more from Tony’s interview, check out and here for more from him and Mercy For Animals’ #NoAgGag campaign. We are so proud of Tony for sharing the message, being involved, and for inspiring so many over the years.

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4 Replies to “Tony’s New Interview with One Green Planet”

  1. I didn’t know animals could be inspired? lol I’d rethink the line at the end Jenny lol Good for Tony for speaking up for what he believes in.

  2. Anthony you are a moron. I am sure you would not want someone beating the shit out of your pet. And if they did I am very sure you would want them to be arrested for doing so.

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