Tony on No Doubt’s Festival Tour and What’s Next

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Photo courtesy of Tony Kanal/Ashley Andrea Beliveau
Photo courtesy of Tony Kanal/Ashley Andrea Beliveau

In a new set of interviews in anticipation of the band’s headlining set for the inaugural Kaaboo Del Mar festival, Tony spoke about the band being on the road this year and what’s next for No Doubt.

Tony spoke to San Diego Union Tribune in regards to how excited the band was to be closing our their 2015 festival tour in southern California and considers Kaaboo Del Mar a hometown show. He shares that the band at the moment doesn’t have any upcoming plans (when asked if No Doubt was planning something for their 30th anniversary next year) and says that they were extremely lucky to perform at 8 different festivals over the last few months.

On Kaaboo, Tony told PE, “It’s overdue and it’s our last show this year and our last planned show for right now.” Tony noted that the band has been having the times of their lives on the road and says that the last fews shows “have been so high energy and so much fun”.

When asked if he imagined himself still performing in this band 29 years later, he laughed and said, “Starting out, you’re just doing it because you love it so much; that’s what I remember about us. Looking back now, some of the things that seemed like big obstacles seem so small now — “Wow, how will we get through this?” But we always did.”

Tony said that he has a few projects that he’s working on but plans to spend a lot of time with his family in the next coming months. He acknowledges that Gwen will be busy in immediate future with The Voice and while working and promoting her upcoming solo album. “The fact that our band has weathered so much and stayed together for so long and we still get on stage and have a good time together, that’s a big deal for us. We don’t take that for granted. We’ve had lots of breaks, especially over the last 10 years, so to still be getting together and to be able to get on stage and play together is a big deal.”

He also reflected on Tragic Kingdom and how it still continues to impact the band. “It was the record that changed our lives, honestly. Literally, it was such an amazing thing to happen to us. It was a labor of love. It took three and a half years to make that record. There were so many peaks and valleys in making that record – the struggles with the record company at the time to keep getting more studio time and it all worked out. It’s one of those albums that resonated so well. The timing of it was perfect. It just struck a nerve, it struck a chord, it did something. You can’t really explain it. It’s one of those things that just happens occasionally and it just becomes a movement in itself. We were so fortunate and so, so lucky that it happened to us.”

17 Replies to “Tony on No Doubt’s Festival Tour and What’s Next”

  1. I agree with Lisa. This confirms they don’t have any plans for the near future. This last live show will probably be the last thing they’ll be doing for a long time….

  2. Well, I believe the timing would be too much for Gwen right now. Hopefully they will celebrate it for the 25th anniversary or something.

  3. But I think they shouldn’t let the 30th anniversary of the band pass by. I hope next year they do something special at least.

  4. I don’t think ND will ever officially “break up”, but I think they will maintain an “on and off” status from now on. Basically their active years as a band have already ended in 2004 before Gwen went solo for the first time. The band has been a side project for all four of them since then.

  5. break up? lol they’d have, after the 2009 tour. They played 8 dates in 2015. I’d hardly consider that a breakup. I mean, if Gwen wanted she’d not even bother at all.

  6. Just checking :). I guess I just worry a bit when the last date is played. I can handle time off but I do tend to read into things too much. I look forward to them hitting the stage again and maybe some new music!

  7. Well, I hope they release another album in the future even if it takes them another 5 years. lol It wouldn’t be a proper ND release if we didn’t wait for a long period. xD

  8. I dont think ND will release an album for years and years. I think once all there kids are grown and the band is all in there 50’s they’ll release something. Like all older bands usually do. Like someone else said above, ND has been a side project for all of them since 2004

  9. I think ND is her side project. They were working on a new album then all of the sudden it was a solo album. I bet something happened. And these shows are booked up years in advance

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