Photos: Tony with Fans in Los Angeles

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Thank you and congratulations to Instagram’s 1girlwonder and jonyeagle for sharing photos of meeting Tony last night at Little Joy Cocktails in Echo Park.

7 Replies to “Photos: Tony with Fans in Los Angeles”

  1. Is it just me or Tony is always close or touching his fans and is very warm compared to Gwen who always keep a distance?

  2. I don’t think so, when we met Gwen twice she hugged and gave us a kiss both times. She seemed genuinely excited as we were to meet 🙂

  3. I think it just depends on her mood and where you approach her. She is much more famous and there are a lot of freaks out there 🙂

  4. ive met tony on several occasions out and about in LA ..just depends on their mood. Ive seen tony keep some distance from people too and I totally get it. So if I do see any of them out and about I try hard to not bug them when they are enjoying a night out. Even though I want to badly ask all these questions about recording and the new music! lol

  5. and that bar is so small random and really ghetto sometimes. surprised he went to drink and hang out there when the short stop and gold room are better in my opinion and a few blocks away… maybe he went for low-key and it ended up being not so much.

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