Photos: Tony And Erin Attend Animal Acres Gala; Video Added

If only we would have seen this photo sooner — geez! Thanks to Anne for sharing with us, we added photos of Tony and Erin attending the Animal Acres Gala held in Los Angeles this past weekend. They looked amazing together and Erin’s baby bump is the cutest thing ever! They look so happy! Tony also spoke out on the red carpet about the foundation and Animal Acres.

Click here to see more photos!

Tony’s interview kicks in at the 1:20 and 2:08 mark.

3 Replies to “Photos: Tony And Erin Attend Animal Acres Gala; Video Added”

  1. I know this remark is going to upset a lot of people but I don’t mean it in a nasty way at all, I think Tony isn’t aging very well at all and he really needs to give the bleached hair away, it doesn’t suit him anymore. It makes him look older than he is.

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