Photos: Los Angeles Launch Party for Prince’s PETA Song

Tony took part and attended the LA Launch Party for Prince’s PETA Song that celebrated the life of the late icon. He posed for photos at the event including alongside Davey Havok, singer of their upcoming new band project with Tom and Adrian.

PETA shared a short clip of Tony’s speech where he shared his love for Prince and the lasting impression he had on the band and his choice to become vegan.

On Tuesday, what would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, some friends and I joined @maytejannell and @PETA to celebrate his life, legacy and compassion for animals. • • I had the chance to share a story of one of my conversations with Prince, briefly summarized here: "On No Doubt’s second visit to Paisley Park, sometime around 1999, we were working on a song with Prince called ‘Waiting Room,’ which would later be released on our Rock Steady album. We had some downtime, and Prince and I found ourselves in the studio kitchen. I asked if we could order some food, he said yes, and I said, ‘I’d like a cheeseburger please.’ He pleasantly replied, ‘Well, you can have that, but you can’t have that here.’ At the time, I didn’t give it much thought. It wasn’t till I became a vegan 12 years later and adopted the same rule at my house of ‘no animal products can be consumed here’ that I realized how significant that conversation was. Not only can I thank Prince for his music and artistry but also for that very powerful seed that he planted on my journey.” • • I was reminded that in 1999, Prince also included the following in the liner notes for his ‘Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic’ album: "If this jacket were real wool, it would have taken 7 lambs whose lives would have begun like this … Within weeks of their birth, their ears would have been hole-punched, their tails chopped off and the males would have been castrated while fully conscious. Xtremely high rates of mortality r considered normal: 20 2 40% of lambs die b4 the age of 8 weeks: 8 million mature sheep die every year from disease, xposure or neglect. Many people believe shearing helps animals who would otherwise b 2 hot. But in order 2 avoid losing any wool, ranchers shear sheep b4 they would naturally shed their winter coats, resulting in millions of sheep deaths from exposure 2 the cold." • • Thank you Prince.

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5 Replies to “Photos: Los Angeles Launch Party for Prince’s PETA Song”

  1. Nice to hear his personal story about his relationship with Prince and their mutual respect for animals. I just wish that celebrities would research more about PETA. It’s a very bad group that harms more animals than it helps. I have been an activist for decades and used to be a member of PETA in the 80s.

  2. ^^^its great tony is into animal rights activism, and theres passion behind it, i respect anything with passion. im just soooooooooooooo glad he found this later in life because if this wouldve been incorporated into no doubt albums/imagery/artwork/etc etc etc i wouldve been turned off to a point. just my opinion

  3. Does Tony even know Peta’s agenda? I feel like celebrities think it’s “hip” to support Peta, but they actually know little about that organisation. Peta on the other hand sure is happy to have all those naive celebrities posing for photos and promoting their eco-terrorism lol.

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