Photo: Tony Joins Breanna Kennedy In The Studio

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Los Angeles’ singer/songwriter Breanna Kennedy Tweeted a photo of herself with Tony last night who apparently has been working with her in the studio recently. We’re curious to hear what comes out of the collaboration.

And thanks to Rosie for doing the research that Breanna is signed to Jimmy Harry’s Curvature Records, who is Tony’s writing and producing partner.

10 Replies to “Photo: Tony Joins Breanna Kennedy In The Studio”

  1. I am legitimately upset because instead of collaborating with ND Tony is helping another artist with her material. This leads me to believe that counter to Tom’s post not all of the members are on the same page about the recording process. I wonder if Gwen was ultimately the one who wanted a hiatus.

  2. So, they have enough time to make music with other people, but they don’t have any time to make music together? Disappointing.

  3. I’m happy for him. I think he could have a real future post-ND as a producer if he chose to. I liked his work with Pink.

  4. I don’t think it’s anything to be angry about. Collaborating I think takes less effort and time than working on a project of your own. Plus it could bring new and creative ideas to the table when it’s time.

    Plus, like Tom said, it sounds like some “complicating” things might be going on behind the scenes which might be preventing them going back to work. We’ll have to see.

  5. Interscope’s the enemy. I think the problem is that they’re not supporting No Doubt 100% as the old times and that’s a big mistake.

  6. I guess I can understand that Interscope is focusing on Gaga right now. After all she has her single/album out really, really soon. It wouldn’t be a good strategy for Interscope to have Gaga and ND release their material around the same time (or even close to each other) as Gaga will be everywhere once her first single is out. Nobody could really compete with her.

    After all P&S would’ve gone straight to #1 if Green Day and Mumford & Sons didn’t have their album out the same week. I know a lot of people don’t consider chart positons to be important, but yeah they ARE important. If they could’ve said “No Doubt’s new single ‘Looking hot’ from their #1 album ‘Push & shove'”, it would’ve been better promotion.

    I am confident that Interscope will try harder this time. After all they already hooked them up with all those hot producers.

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