Instagrams: The Interrupters Record Release Party

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Check out a few fan photos with Tony last night at The Interrupters record release party held at The Roxy in Hollywood. He looks great!

6 Replies to “Instagrams: The Interrupters Record Release Party”

  1. It’s interesting Tony would be at a SKA show at this time of his life. It makes me wonder if being there inspired Tony at all or at least had any nostalgic affect of when No Doubt used to be apart of those kind of ska shows at clubs.

    Part of me is surprised Tony would be at a show like that but part of can see how he probably still has apart of his heart that loves that type of music.

  2. Travis… what do you mean by that? That the older you get you no longer go to ska concerts?
    Have you ever checked the public on some Specials or Madness concerts? Even some 2tone new bands? There a lot of fans over 30/40 (myself included).

  3. Not because Tony is older but because most of the music No Doubt has created for the past 14 years has been so pop oriented that it made me wonder if Tony still had a place in his heart for Ska.

    But from this show and past times in appears Tony still enjoys it. Even if it’s just nostalgia.

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