Instagram: Tony’s Studio Session With Esthero

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Tony shared a photo from his studio session last night with writing partner Jimmy Harry and Canadian singer/songwriter, Esthero.

Wishing them all the best!

7 Replies to “Instagram: Tony’s Studio Session With Esthero”

  1. She’s so cool! Read up on her Drama w Nelly Furtado. I first heard her in I Still Know what you did last summer… she had that song, “Look at that Girl” or something

  2. Yet another artist Tony is working with? He sure has many projects going on lately. Remember that band from the 90s? What’s the name again? No Dough or something like that… Tony should check them out and maybe work with them.

  3. I don’t think ti’s Tony’s choice whether or not ND are in the studio.

    I’m glad the guys have some side projects to keep them occupied.

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