Instagram: Tony For #‎NoAgGag‬

Tony took to his social networks to share that he spent the day yesterday with Mercy For Animals while joining their #‎NoAgGag‬ campaign. We admire his dedication to the wonderful cause and we wish MFA all the best in ending the fight against Ag-gag.

For more information and ways how you can help, check out

3 Replies to “Instagram: Tony For #‎NoAgGag‬”

  1. He is incredible! I love how Gwen uses her fame for more money and Tony and Tom use it for making the world better. Good for them it is very inspirational to know that not all celebrities are self centered and money hungry.

  2. I don’t think that’s fair. Gwen has donated her time and money to causes as well and she doesn’t have to report to us what other causes she may support.

  3. Amanda you are right. But I do think she would tell us if she did that stuff. Her instagrams alone are about selling lip balm and LAMB. I never hear about her donating anytime. Sure an outfit here and there but not her voice unless it seems to me there are other celebrities involved. Maybe she is nervous to stand for something? But you are right, she probably does.

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