Erin Thanks The Fans And No Doubt Moms Via Twitter

How sweet! We love her! Erin saw all of our wishes and sent out a really beautiful message to all of us! She then Tweeted a thank you to all the No Doubt moms, Gwen, Nina and Mieke and called them inspiring. Again, we cannot express how excited we are for the new parents! We cannot wait to see baby Coco!

I did not know heaven until I met baby Coco. Life has new meaning. Thank you so much for all the unbelievably sweet and loving well wishes! It means the world to us that she is welcomed into the world with pure love. Xo E

I had no idea just how lucky I was to be surrounded by such amazing moms like NKY & MBBD1st & GRR. They are such inspirations! Thanks for letting me copy ur amazing momness

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