Tweets: Guitar talk with Tom

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Tom is tweeting up a storm tonight talking about his beloved guitars, the plan for upcoming performances (!!) and his new collaboration GJ2 Guitars! Also, last night he was being quite chatty with some fans (including me!! – you can follow me @sunpistgroves if you want ;)!)

@TomDumontND hell yes! “@GJ2Guitars: RT @EITnd: @TomDumontND looking forward to seeing your collaboration with @GJ2Guitars-amazing for sure! 🙂 ”

@TomDumontND @NXD2012 @tonykanal @gwenstefani @adrianyoungnd just wait for the video/photoshoot & rehearsal tweets! 🙂

@TomDumontND @finfinfinney I met with (my gtr tech) Donnie today to plan out my gtrs, amps & fx pedals for upcoming ND TV performances. 🙂

‏@TomDumontND 🙂 us 2! “@SunpistGroves: @TomDumontND A couple of us from @beaconstreet will be at the GMA performance! We’re so amped!”

‏@TomDumontND …So says the guy who just got booted off the list haha!

@TomDumontND @CaosRox “best” lists r kinda beside the point, right? music is personal, and subjective, and ultimately transcends that kinda thing. 🙂

‏@TomDumontND yep I think so “@GPNoDoubt: @TomDumontND Hi Tom! How are you? Is it true you guys will be on Jimmy Fallon on 7/26? :)”

‏@TomDumontND I’m right here! “@kendakist: Oh @TomDumontND where ya at tonight?! :)”

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