Tweets: First webisode hopefully shared this week

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Back in the studio! Tom just tweeted that while it’s still being edited, hopefully the first webisode will be shown this week! He also mentioned that they will be monthly. We can’t wait to see them!

@nodoubt Wrapping up today in the studio with some steel drums

@tonykanal Oops forgot photo @markspikestent @nodoubt

@tonykanal @markspikestent preparing to get in mix mode! I swear I’m getting him a wizard outfit soon @nodoubt

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet I tend to get excited and mention things prematurely, so sometimes I’m gonna make mistakes. Just FYI 🙂

@TomDumontND @fantasyofroses hopefully start this week. Monthly I think

@TomDumontND @tolivendienla not sure what day yet. Still editing. Gonna be just 1 webisode to start

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