Tweets: Backstage at Jonathan Ross; Show Details


Thanks to Hannah for sending us details from the taping!

The band performed portions of “Hella Good” and “Settle Down” live for the show. No Doubt also revealed they will be heading back to the UK in five weeks (early November). And oh yeah, Gwen has not read 50 Shades of Grey.

Their appearance airs this Saturday on The Jonathan Ross Show!

The band is sharing new photos backstage at The Jonathan Ross Show tonight. No Doubt will be onstage for three minutes and their appearance will air on Saturday. Pretty exciting!

@baxterbeezy Just wrapped at Jonathan Ross.Emma Watson was so nice

@tomdumontnd Still buzzing- Met Emma Watson tonight! Watch Jonathan Ross on Saturday.

@tomdumontnd Backstage and anxiously awaiting our 3 minutes on stage at the @wossy show in London,UK (airing Saturday!)

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  1. Tom is usually not very photogenic, but that is a really nice close up of him! Surprisingly, he has aged the best out of the guys…

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