Tweet: “Lots of Ideas Flowing”

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Tom shared on Twitter to a fan this evening that he’s been enjoying the summer and “doing some musical homework”. He also says that he has “lots of ideas” flowing around — we like the sound of that! Best of luck to the band and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.

58 Replies to “Tweet: “Lots of Ideas Flowing””

  1. more guitar this time Tom. keep the electronics, but i hope they move a little closer back to an organic sound this time. i want them to rock again

  2. I’m not starting a rumor again, but even if Gwen is pregnant, this record should only leave at the end of 2014.

  3. Tony’s wife is waiting for a new baby and Gabe got a new baby right now, if Gwen is really pregnant, I don’t think they’ll put another record out.

  4. Well, I dont know. I think she has other things going on. Then, the band gets a little sideways for a while. Just to note that from 2004 until now, she has got other preferences, but she never left the love for the band. So if this record is out, I believe it is only at the end of 2014.

  5. I am not holding my breath. Whenever they try to work on music individually, nothing ever comes out of it. Remember how the guys started working on new music while Gwen was still on tour? They never used any of that material.

    Tom’s “musical homework” doesn’t even need to have anything to do with ND. Tony and Adrian have also worked on music during their summer vacation. With other artists/bands.

  6. But guys, they worked with some producers this year and I’m sure the band is doing something to do with the new record.

  7. I would think so. It would be a huge waste of money to not do anything with it (considering studio budgets, time spent, ect.). Plus they said they had a lot of songs written already so we’ll see what happens.

  8. D said something about Christmas this year being an exciting time for fans news wise, I wonder if that’s still the case. If Gwen is pregnant (I think she is), that means no music until late 2014 at least (pregnancy time, getting back in shape). If they are planning to do more writing this year I really hope it works out. The band has some serious communication issues, I hope they can resolve whatever is happening. That and get out from Iovine’s claws too.

    1. The band first mentioned they were working on new music back in December of last year and haven’t really shared anything since May.

  9. I know I’m the negative one, but IF Gwen got pregnant, I don’t see anything happening for a very long time – like, years. I think she just wants to be a mom right now and give her kids as “normal” of a schedule as she can. Plus, Tony has another on the way. I just can’t see them dedicating a lot of time for promotions or tours if they put out a record next year. It would be P/S all over again. These are a lot of “what ifs” though and there’s been no official word on a pregnancy anyway.

  10. What I have learned over the past few years is to keep my expectations really, really low when it comes to ND. The P&S era once again proved me right, so this time I am trying to stay extra cautious lol. I don’t think Tom is sitting at home writing that album all by himself while the others are going to museums and stuff. Also “lot’s of ideas flowing” is what they always say and in the end we get an album that barely made it up to 11 songs lol.

    I don’t know how long summer vacations are in the USA, but meteorologically summer will be over THIS weekend. We’ll see how soon ND get back to work then. Honestly I don’t see them returning to the studio this year anymore…. holiday season is next + Tony’s girlfriend is pregnant.

    So yeah, sorry for the negativity, but I still don’t see any exciting news on the horizon. Like others have said before: IF Gwen was pregnant again, we wouldn’t get anything new for (at least) another year anyways.

  11. Is Zuma school age now? Even with Gavin home for now and no pregnany, I don’t see Gwen taking off next year for promos or a tour and leaving her boys at home. In fact, I think it’s safe to guarentee she won’t do that. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see anything happening for awhile. And I agree with YYY, I’ve learned to have low expectations and very little excitement when it comes to ND making albums lol

  12. It just occurred to me…did the tour cancellation coincide w Erin getting pregnant? I haven’t done the math on that… Duh. Not sure why this didn’t occur to me earlier.

  13. Evon, that has nothing to do with Erin’s pregnancy. It’s not Tony who’s pregnant. \o/
    I really hope they get back to the studio next week, in September. Let’s see if they have a good excuse for not going to work…

  14. I thought Gwen struggled vocally throughout the whole P&S era. Maybe after the Gibson stint they realized they just aren’t in the shape they used to be and need more time to see if they can pull it together.
    The overall energy was high, but her voice has changed a lot and it appears to be more of a struggle.

  15. I guess once you have a family, you always have an excuse for missing out on other things. Being a parent is a full time job and it never ends. We need to accept that ND will never fully return and things will never be like they used to be. They’re all in their 40s and they all have really young kids (they even keep on making new ones lol). Their time as a full time band is over.

    I don’t even think things would be different with the new album. It’ll be P&S all over again simply because they just don’t have the time to fully promote an album.

  16. Going back into the studio before the end of the year would definitely be a positive sign. We will see…

    And yeah…YYY, it’s never going to be the same. That’s why I’m so bummed that we lost 10 quality years of ND time.

  17. So Tom is activiely thinking about music. I wonder if Gwen is still feeling inspired. She is the one who kind of comes across sometimes like she doesn’t care anymore but actually she is the reason they went back into the studio late last year. She told the guys she was feeling inspired. I am hoping working with Pharrell sparked something since he helped in creating some of Gwen’s biggest solo hits as well as HG of Rock Steady.

    YYY is right, it is never going to be like it was before. That’s actually okay though. They still have the potential to be something special…. it would just be different than the past and not full time. Just depends if they want it bad enough or not. No, they aren’t in their 20’s anymore, but 40’s ain’t old… it really isn’t.

    Most parents will young children have to work. Many work more than one job, may go to school themselves along with a lot of other responsibilites. Huge world tours understandably are probably out of the question at this point. They wouldn’t want to leave their kids at home for so long or drag them around the world for so long. Their kids come first and that’s the way it should be. But I don’t see why it would be so hard to make time for studio sessions, producing albums and simply doing promotion and mid-sized tours mostly within North America (no offense to all the international fans). That’s a totally realistic option for them. So the fact that they have young kids isn’t really the issue, it’s more about their inspiration and motivation/what they want out their lives career wise.

    They all have so much money they would never have to work a day in their lives ever again. That would be boring to me though. They have some amazing lives that most of us can only dream of, if I was them I would take advantage of it. The way things are now, you can just feel their fanbase getting smaller and smaller.

  18. I totally agree with Zeek. I don’t see how their kids should be the “problem”. It is possible to work AND spend more than enough time with your kids, especially when you are in an obviously privileged position where you can choose when to to work. Of course I am in no position to tell ND what it “enough time”, but they obviously have time to work on things besides their families since they all have side projects going on at the moment.

    I don’t know if it is Interscope that has put them on hold, or if it is because they lack inspiration/motivation. Releasing an album this year probably wouldn’t make much sense for Interscope as ND would have to compete against Gaga, Katy and Miley. I’m sure Interscope doesn’t want to have another P&S with rather poor sales, after all ND worked with all those producers, so there’s money to be made.

    I just wish ND would be more open about things. They don’t need to tell us everything, but a little information every once in a while would be nice. And sorry, but statements like “ideas are flowing”, or “hopefully back to work soon” isn’t real information imho.

    I also agree about their fanbase getting smaller. Many people were really turned off by P&S – not just by the music, but also by the way the era turned out. No matter whose “fault” all of this is, but it is a dangerous game. After all the fans really welcomed ND with open arms after all those years and gave them some proper sales the first weeks of P&S, but then we were kinda let down. I mean, SD climbed up the iTunes charts within a few hours, but nobody bought LH just a few months later. That says a lot imo. You could tell fans were really disappointed.

  19. ^ Seriously? I don’t think No Doubt isn’t up there “to compete against Gaga, Katy and Miley”. That’s pure nonsense. If we were talking about Gwen’s solo then I’d totally agree. Remember that ND is a band not a solo act. Of course there is a right time to release a certain kind of album but if interscope is really trying to sell Gwen as an individualist then I’d rather if she went solo once and for all than ruining the band’s identity.

  20. It doesn’t matter that ND are a band. When Gaga, Katy and Miley sold more than ND, their album would be considered a “flop” again, because it didn’t make it higher that #4 or #5 on the charts.

    See how no other big artist is releasing anything new within the next few months except for Katy, Gaga and Miley? Think about it. Labels are holding their other albums back, because the top spots are already reserved for those three. Avril Lavigne’s album got pushed back too, because right now there’s just way too much competiton. The fact that ND are a band is irrelevant. There are no “band charts”, of course they have to compete with solo artsits too.

  21. You keep talking about solo acts. FYI No Doubt’s album went to number #3 the week it was released. To the standards of today I’d say No Doubt’s album did pretty well in the 1st couple of weeks. Either way Caca and Perry are so overrated. Putting them in the same bag as No Doubt isn’t right. And now it’s not irrelevant. Just because No Doubt is doing Pop it doesn’t mean it’s the same trash as those artists. lol

  22. At the end of the day isn’t about competition but good music out there. I know many fans didn’t appreciate P&S for what it is. But fuck it, it’s a great POP album. If the public just can’t appreciate then it’s their problem. Remember that the ppl who buys most music is this new generation.

  23. Who cares if Gaga and Katy are overrated? Gaga is earing Interscope way more money than ND, so that makes her a top priority. That’s just a fact. At the end of the day the people who are responsible for ND’s future don’t care about good music, all they care about is money. I know we keep on defending ND, because we are fans, but let’s face it: Despite being “overrated” Katy and Gaga are far more relevant for today’s music scene than ND. If Interscope had to choose to either put all their budget into a new Gaga record, or a new ND record, what would they pick?

    Katy and Gaga among the artists that set today’s standard, whether you like it or not. Of course ND have to compete with them. We’re not talking about a small indie band that play shows for free in front of 50 people and sells their records afterwards. ND are a major act on a major record label.

    Yes, ND went to #3 with P&S, which was great, but they had a solid hype back then, because of their comeback. Right now there is no hype and it should be hard to create one after P&S “failed”. Right now people (and I don’t mean “fans”, I mean “casual listeners”) only care about Gaga, Katy and Miley, because that’s all they have been fed with for weeks now from blogs, news etc.

    That’s why I think it COULD be possible that Interscope chose not to release any new ND music this year and that’s why ND were able to take that long break (which was supposed to be two weeks first), because they already know nothing’s gonna happen this year.

  24. Dude, have you realized that interscope have got dozen of other artists? Not everything revolves around Caca. Fact. Sorry, yyy I think you’re a cool dude but sometimes what you write doesn’t make much sense. Just because Caca is releasing her crap album it doesn’t mean the world has stopped.

  25. What YYY is saying is pretty logical actually. Record companies (and the film industry for that matter) plan out their quarters and put thought into who they are going to pit up against each other when albums come out. That’s why P/S was out against Greenday and Mumford and Sons. I don’t think that’s the only reason they had time off (it’s mostly their choice IMO), but it could be part of it. Maybe Interscope also wanted some distance from the sales failure that P/S was too.

  26. Sometimes I get caught in my own thoughts and maybe I’m not always able to properly express what I actually mean (after all, I am not a native speaker), but Amanda understood what I was trying to say. Of course record companies try to release records strategically (guess why the most promising albums of a year are being released a few months before X-Mas?) and 2013 is a very strong year when it comes to new releases. So yeah, MAYBE that’s one of the reasons why Interscope and ND are in no rush to get this new album out this year. It would drown among all those other releases that will get far more attention.

  27. I get the whole strategy thing, but it really sucks for fans. Especially No Doubt fans.

    Of course life happens, we don’t need them to explain that to us. Tom even said that they had to choose between promoting P&S and working on new music earlier this year. Obviously new music trumped everything so of course we’re all a little curious about what is going on.

  28. Guys, No Doubt don’t need to top up the charts to prove anything these days. I’d rather them to release more albums like P&S and still be around.

  29. lol well ive heard that one before. p&s didnt turn me off by the sound the album. rather the long wait. i was anxious for it. then it dropped and my forst reaction was “thats what i waited tem years for?” little sidenote. madonna, recorded an album in 6 months all the while having 4 kids and being a single mother. and went on a tour. surely having everyone be married cant be that much of a drawback

  30. ^ But darling, Madonna barely writes a note I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times she wrote a song. She’s got a whole team and recognizable producers to work for her. Even Gwen wrote her own material during her solo era. So don’t even go there.

  31. ^ Well, to be fair Gwen also had a whole team of producers/songwriters helping her with her solo stuff 😉 Honestly, we don’t know what kind of input (and how much) came from Gwen and if it was really that much more Madonna or other solo artists contribute to their records. Just like Gwen, Madonna does write her own lyrics. Sure she doesn’t write any music, but Gwen doesn’t either (except for SKOL and SWS).

  32. The Whole Christmas thing I heard was a “rumor” about a supposedly stripped down very very Fleetwood Mac sounding EP… And I dont know what No Doubt even knows what they want anymore!

    1. Wow. That would have been spectacular! Fans have been asking for years for something like this and to take it out on the road I think would have been really cool and low-maintenance I think (for the band). Crossing my fingers!

    2. D, I had a feeling the Christmas rumor was new material. It would make sense. An EP might do them really good, if it is solid it could generate some huge hits without having to be a full LP. It would appear that the creative juices were flowing well up until May. Either the band started disagreeing about the direction of music, Jimmy didn’t like the material that they were coming up with, or there were some other personal problems getting in the way. Whatever the case is, I hope all of those studio sessions recording and working with other producers isn’t entirely lost.

  33. “And I dont know what No Doubt even knows what they want anymore!”

    Even the lyrics to a lot of P&S songs gave off the vibe of lacking confidence, being overwhelmed etc…

    “Running on empty”
    “I can’t tell anymore I don’t know what I’m looking for”

    It’s kind of depressing actually. If they do get another album out, I hope they find a better sense of direction. And not just the music itself, but the promotion. I would think having P&S and their comeback just fizzle out like that after such a long wait would be galvanizing for them and make them want to prove people wrong, but apparently not. I follow some other bands that are at least 10 years older than them in age that have been around since the 70’s that seem to have more passion about making new music then they do.

  34. Lyrically wise I have to say P&S is a bit weak. When it came out, I was like “Ok… this is a Gwen solo with the boys playing the music”. Don’t get me wrong, I like P&S, but it’s not the best thing they have done so far. ND is being very private about the reasons why things are happening. Lot’s of other artists have been honest with their fanbase and went against what their label dictated to keep things in perspective with who buys their music. Tom replied to my tweet with that lame “wouldn’t you take the summer off with your kids if you could”, difference is we work 8 to 6 jobs, 5 times a week, don’t have nannies and get to spend so little time with our children, that when a person that has plenty of money, works whenever they want comes with a reply like that, it does not relate with the common people. I always felt ND was close to their fans, but lately seems like that’s not the case anymore. Sad. But there are fans that will judge fans like myself and so many others here as not true fans, just because our favorite band doesn’t have an open and close relationship with their fans. I don’t want to be a sheep, so I just can’t say AMEN to all that is happening lately.

  35. I totally agree Cynthia.

    I think Tom is totally ready to get back in the saddle again. It’s been nice and kind of sad to see him reminiscing about ND on his new Instagram account. Plus, he seems to be the only one who directly communicates with fans about what is going on (or what isn’t going on). I think he misses it and is patiently waiting for the others (one in particular) to get their drive back.

  36. Tom seems to be the only one of them, who still gets really excited about the band. I mean, all of them say nothing but positive things about ND and their friendship and I guess all of this is still true. But still Tom seems to be the only one, who really wants to keep things going. Sometimes I feel like some of them just stick to the band out of habit.

    I wonder if Gwen still has problems to write. After RS she seemed to suffer from writer’s block on every single album. Without all those producers and songwriters, her solo albums probably would’ve never happened. It’s really strange somehow. Remember how she was tallking about all those hits and singles, she wanted to get out of P&S? She still seems to be hungry for fame ans success, but sometimes it’s hard for me to tell if she’s really inspired/motivated. Sometimes I think that maybe she would’ve needed a third solo album at some point, to give her some new ideas.

    I’m not suggesting that they should end the band, but I am worried about their chemistry tbh. I’m not sure if all of them are REALLY as happy/fulfilled as they say they are with ND.

  37. IMO they should work on solo stuff or do a parallel thing, with a different singer (but not label as ND), just to keep working and being creative. Gwen had her own project, so why not having the boys doing a new band. We were happy having Gwen putting music out, it would only be logical that we would love for them to do these type of thing. I root for Tom, he’s very into making music and deserves to be appreciated as a musician.

  38. Yes Gwen does want big hits. I remember in an magazine interview several years ago she had said that One More Summer was going to be huge. She said she likes filling up stadiums while Tony loves to play to a small intimate crowd. What else…. I think she said something along the lines of “If you aren’t making hits and not being heard by tons of people, then what’s the point?” I could be wrong about that last one though. I grew up loving Gwen and I still do, but lately I am finding it harder to relate to her. She seems really into the fame, magazine covers, clothes, tweeting pics of herself and upping her Twitter followers etc… but I wonder how into creating and performing music she is these days. And yes, Tom is the only one who bothers talking to us or mentioning music. Tony seems cool but also doesn’t talk much about ND. Adrian I have no idea how into it he is since he hardly says anything about the band.

  39. I want to add kudos to Tom for actually interacting with fans on Twitter and responding to us when he has the time. I got a private response back from him once too about the new material they did with Pharrell A lot of famous people just use Twitter in a one-sided way to stroke their egos.

  40. It’s weird because TONY was the one who lived and breathed the band up until the Singles era and now Tom has taken over that role. Tony has moved on to animal rights as his passion instead. I love Adrian, but I think he’s just down for anything and along for the ride most of the time LOL I love that he has other interests though and keeps playing even if it’s not with ND. The thing that is confusing about Gwen is that she wants the big hit songs and the packed stadiums, but isn’t putting in the work to deserve that. I don’t care if they never have another hit song, I just want quality work, communication and tours! 😀

    1. Yeah Amanda I think you are right about all of them. Adrian you described pefectly… He’s just along for the ride. Nothing wrong with that I guess. Don’t really know about how he feels about new music, but he’s still really into it when they play live. Then there’s Tony. They all had said he was the driving force behind Rock Steady. Sounds like he is still a big music buff. But again, Tom is the only one who really communicates at all so it’s hard to know what’s really going on with all of them. With Gwen I especially don’t know what to think. I know she likes making commercials and tweeting pics. I feel bad for saying that but yeah… That’s basically what we get from her these days. Anyway, I just want them to make good music and communicate too. To be honest though, I would love to see them have some big success again. Gwen’s voice and look is so iconic. Sometimes I will hear It’s My Life, or Running at the grocery store and it makes you miss hearing her voice fill the airwaves. It’s a big absence from the music world not having them be more prominent.

  41. I wish they would work with Ric Ocasek again. The Cars were awesome and he knows how to get that reggae/rock sound.

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