Tweets: Excitement for New Songs

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Tom Tweeted tonight how excited and proud he is of the new material the band has come up with so far. It melted our hearts and we cannot wait to hear the music they’re working on.

@tomdumontnd Word. “@pushandshove_: You guys should do Easy live atleast once! The horns at the end would sound so good live”

@tomdumontnd Yes, well put! Unplanned love child. “@hurricane28_: @TomDumontND poppin’ out another album?”

@tomdumontnd @KieraJuku94 we worked so hard and poured all of ourselves into P&S. but yes it’s feeling good so far. Always optimistic, I am.

@tomdumontnd I just want to say how excited I am about the new ND songs written so far. Amazing, great work @TonyKanal @gwenstefani @AdrianYoungND

@tomdumontnd Today: 1. Tacos for lunch. 2. Work on ND new song idea demos. 3. Go outside since its 80 and sunny. -Hope it’s sunny where you are 2day!

4 Replies to “Tweets: Excitement for New Songs”

  1. I’m gonna try not to fall for this again and so I will try not get too excited, but I know I won’t be able to do that. Yeah I’m excited. Just rock a little more this time please!!!

  2. i want to see the creators of “making out” “doghouse” “ache” “stricken” “hellagood” “up yours” “you own me” COME NO DOUBT! YOU MUST DO IT!

  3. Lamb, to be fair, “Doghouse”, “Ache”, “Up Yours” and “You Owe Me” all had input from Eric Stefani.

    We should have faith in them to see what they come up with. I’m excited to see them reaching out to others to collaborate. It might just be what they need!

  4. push and shove was good but it needed more pop songs 🙂 thats why i love rock steady so much looking hot & push and shove are my favorites from the last album 🙂 hope theres more danceable music next time x <3 ND

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