Tom Updates Us On His Amp And Pedals For The Upcoming Tour

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Tom is still keeping us updated on his Guitar Blog, and gave us a glimpse of his set up from the tour rehearsals a couple weeks ago. Looks good, buddy! Click on the link to view the rest of the photos he took — including a blurry close-up he took with his iPhone.

And here is my key gear list to the best of my knowledge:

Divided by 13 “RSA 31” Amp heads

Divided by 13 4 x 12 Cabinets equipped with 16ohm Celestion G12M “Greenbacks”.

I use one head to drive both cabs, and the other head is for backup.

Audio Technica wireless system.

GCX pedal switching system.

Eventide Modfactor and Timefactor pedals.

MXR Auto Q pedal.

Tone Freak Buff Puff and Naked OD pedals.

MXR Bass Octave Deluxe pedal.

Furman Power conditioner.

A&S Flight Cases

Pretty sweet. Enjoy.

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