Tweets: Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Tom Tweeted for the first time from his Twitter account this morning! Pretty exciting and make sure you follow all six of them! It’s going to be pretty exciting following all seven official accounts. Make sure you are following all of them for the latest!

25 years ago today

Thanks OC Weekly! @OCWeeklyMusic

Saturday Night Live, “Rocksteady” era.

Would anyone like to go golfing?

Bangkok, 2000 just after show.

Bangkok, 2000

that last video courtesy of our good friend Eric Keyes @monkeyes

@nodoubt outside Fender’s Grand Ballroom before the show, March 14, 1987 – gx

@KieraJuku94 @tonykanal @gwenstefani it is but w Busy Signal not Tony haha

@tomdumontND @skyyyler @tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt we are so freekin close to being done! Mixing in April…

@tomdumontND @nodoubt @TonyKanal @gwenstefani working on vocals for “Push and Shove” today in the studio.

@tomdumontND @TonyKanal & @gwenstefani working on vocals for “Push and Shove” today in the studio. @nodoubt

@adrianyoungND I believe this pic was taken soon after the release of our debut album.

@adrianyoungND Check photo from “Ex-Girlfriend” video shoot.

@adrianyoungND Check photo from “Ex-Girlfriend” video shoot.

@TomDumontND Hey I just want to say that the reason this is all so fun is because of YOU: being able to read your tweets is so exciting. @nodoubt

@AdrianYoungND @TomDumontND@nodoubt She hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet

@TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND that’s a burn on me, right!? @nodoubt

@adrianyoungND Hey Tom, her leg is missing your signature:)

@nodoubt Listening to Settle Down right now!


@adrianyoungND Check out this pic from 1996.

@nodoubt doing some rough mixes for the label today hope they don’t leak!!!! better not!!!!! jimmy iovine be careful! gx

@adrianyoungND Sting a ring a ding. Superbowl 2002.

@tonykanal Jamaica 2001 w/ Sly & Robbie

@gwenstefani so cute me and eric 83′ wish i still had that dress gx

@tonykanal time for some old school photos to celebrate the day

@gwenstefani my mom made that dress for me- gx

me & my super cool brother eric s- 8th grade- holding autographs of our favorite band madness – 5 years before nd gx

@nodoubt Let’s all celebrate the anniversary by officially welcoming to Twitter @nodoubt’s @gwenstefani @TonyKanal @TomDumontND and @AdrianYoungND

@TomDumontND “@jessicuhboggs: @TomDumontND What if you live in Chicago? Are you going to fly me out to LA? ” Of course!

@TomDumontND Hey everyone, I’m new to twitter and need more followers. I’m offering free beer to everyone who re-tweets! Unless you’re not old enuf duh

@adrianyoungND Wow! 1/4 of a century. Can’t wait to play the new songs live @gwenstefani @nodoubt @TomDumontND @TonyKanal

@gwenstefani i remember this girl – still the same voice a little deeper hair a little lighter! gx

@TonyKanal Happy 25th Anniversary @nodoubt @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND This is framed on my wall, 25 yrs ago today!

@gwenstefani @nodoubt I know how I’m gonna celebrate! By making music today with @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND

@nodoubt Today marks the 25th Anniversary of @nodoubt’s first official club gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach – 3/14/87. How will we celebrate?!

@TomDumontND I guess the cat is out of the bag. Let me be the first to say good morning everyone! @nodoubt @adrianyoungND
@tonykanal @gwenstefani

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