Tom Shares Early Live Photos

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Tom took to his official site this afternoon and shared a couple of rare live photos from the early 90’s of himself taken onstage courtesy of good friend Eric Keyes. Pretty rad!

Photos courtesy of Tom and Eric Keyes.

3 Replies to “Tom Shares Early Live Photos”

  1. i would honestly love an amazing hard cover coffee table-limited edition type book with rare never b4 seen photos (with album cover out takes/ other possible album art work they chose from/pics from behind scenes music videos/magazine covers etc etc)—- than any other new music from ND/Gwen——FOREVER. id pay a few hundred bucks for it & thats coming from a devoted DIE HARD O.C. fan since 1994!

    1. Bob, totally! I was thinking the same thing not too long ago. It would be awesome if No Doubt released a coffee table-like book in honor of Tragic Kingdom turning 20 with BTS photos from recording the album and tours and such. That would be incredible and such a huge treat for die hard fans.

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