Tom Responds On Forum To Fan's Claims

If you want to read about what’s going on, click here, I didn’t want to post about it due to sensitivity. But we think it’s totally awesome that Tom released a statement on the issue.

Hey tokyochaser it’s Tom here speaking for myself not the band, although I feel certain that they’d agree with me.

We do not accept homophobia or any other forms of discrimination against people based on sex, race, religion etc.

When we collaborated with Bounty Killer we had no idea he was homophobic or had lyrics reflecting that.

So I suppose we could be considered guilty of not doing research on him before our collaboration.

Thanks for the opportunity to make this more clear.

3 Replies to “Tom Responds On Forum To Fan's Claims”

  1. Wow, the only thing I ever knew about Bounty Killer was that he did a song and video with No Doubt. Other than that, I didn’t follow him. But I”m sure ND won’t be working with him or anyone else who feels that way. I’m glad Tom cleared this up on the forum.

  2. I’m really glad Tom squashed that topic before it got out of control. No Doubt are quite gay friendly…actually I love their neutrality on a lot of subjects including drugs, politics, etc. They are just here to make good music 🙂

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