Tom Responds And Explains To Fans Regarding Album Artwork For Icon

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We posted a couple days ago the album artwork for the upcoming re-release of The Singles album. The general theme from fans was that they are disapointed in the cover and the whole album in general. But we need to realize… this is something Interscope is putting out… not really No Doubt. And we’re sure the band had nothing to do with how the album is presented or released (track listing, etc.) Anyway, Tom took to the forum this evening and gave us a little more insight on what the album really is, who it’s for, and apologized about the cover. That’s why we love the band so much.

Hey Everybody,

Sorry that some of you don’t care for the Icon artwork.

Being a part of the Icon series is a way to get our music into stores at a lower price, which we feel is a decent idea.

As mentioned in our news post HERE this is essentially a new packaging of our Singles Collection.

We’re having fun writing and recording our forthcoming album, so stay tuned for that…


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