Tom On New Album: "No Release Date" Or "Predictions"

Finally an official update from the band! Despite all the rumors of a 2010 release or a summer single, the word from Tom’s mouth is that the band have no release date and are not close enough to even have predictions on when it would be released. The band is having a really good time together recording again. Tom also mentions that he is also messing around with stuff on his own time when the band isn’t writing. The “gear head” says that he plans on keeping us updated, so continue to follow his blog if you do not already!

Tom’s blog — Finally I’m back! It’s been well over six months since I’ve posted here, not a very good frequency rate for a blogger.

Well in any case, last years No Doubt tour is just a memory now, an excellent one for sure. Back at home, the band is writing new songs for what should become a new No Doubt album. There is no release date yet, we’re just not close enough to make any sort of predictions yet. It’s going well and we’re having fun together though. During the days that Gwen, Tony, Adrian and I are not writing, I spend many an afternoon in my own little studio in Los Angeles crafting odd and interesting soundscapes for my own enjoyment. I’m a bit of a “gear head”, and I propose to use this blog show off some of my studio toys beyond guitars. This week I did an Echo shootout. I love delays and echo effects, and I had fun with these pedals pictured below. They all do something different, and I won’t pick a favorite other than to say that the Fulltone is clearly the unique one in the bunch.

Whats missing? Well in this post you can see that I used different stuff on tour, such as the Eventide Timefactor pedal, which is digital and mucho better for instant access to dozens of effects on the fly. Okay, so thats it for now, next time I’ll explain some more of the stuff in that photo, and more.

Thanks for checking it out.


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