Tom Mentioned in New Grover Jackson Interview

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2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

Thank you to fellow fansite No Doubt France and Rodo for finding and sharing a new interview with GJ²’s Grover Jackson, who has been collaborating with Tom on a few guitar models including ‘Zora’ and the new ‘Glendora’ (which Tom just revealed photos of).

In the interview, Grover discusses how himself and Tom started working together and calls him a “great professional” and one of the best clients he’s worked with. He also credits Tom for all of his help and dedication in perfecting the ‘Zora’ model, which Tom used in the studio for Push and Shove and on the road.

The excerpts below were translated from an article in French magazine Xtreme Guitar.

And collaboration with Tom Dumont (No Doubt) how it happened?

GJ: We met a year ago and a half, No Doubt was then in the process of recording his latest album. So we built a first prototype that used in rehearsal and private concerts and in the studio. The advantage is that it is very nice and very constructive? this has allowed us to do a lot of mods, to seek, tweaker, this is a great professional, one of the best that I’ve worked with because it is a true musician, not just a shredder lambda. We’re talking about a band that has sold millions of records by writing popular songs quality. It’s really great to work with him.

What is curious is that we knew with his Hamer Standard, you would think he would opt for a less conventional form with you, father of the RR.

GJ: He also played Sir Hamer double-cut in so it is not entirely new, and I also feel it is a bit away from the pointy shapes. For my part, I had this fairly standard form at the top for about 4 years, but I did not like the head, I was not sure what type of profile for the handle, etc.. etc.. Thanks to Tom, we did tests, trips, several prototypes, we made choices, until we exactly what he wanted and Zora is a really great guitar.

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