Tom Featured in Ernie Ball’s ‘String Theory’ Web Series

Tom is featured in a new episode of Ernie Ball’s String Theory web series and it’s a must-see. He opens up about the musical evolution of No Doubt and how lessons he took on as a young teen really paid off in a new feature on Alternative Press.

The video starts off with Tom playing the opening chords of “Don’t Speak” which had our attention immediately. He shares how his father bought him his first guitar and has always been partial to Ernie Ball strings. Tom says that after joining No Doubt, he was introduced to new styles of music including U2. He credits Eric Stefani for helping him experiment and break the rules of classical guitar playing.

After Eric departed No Doubt, Tom shares that himself and Tony took on the majority of the songwriting which helped evolve the band’s sound. He says that the press labeled Tragic Kingdom as a ska album but he felt like it was more a rock album with dashes of reggae, funk and ska sounds. “As it happened, my musical personality and Gwen’s and Tony’s and Adrian’s all kind of formed our own sound. I’m so glad we did that, and I guess looking back that just brought No Doubt to a much bigger audience.”

It’s a really unique feature and we encourage all fans to check it out. Throughout the video, Tom plays parts of “Just a Girl”, “Kill For Candy”, “Born to Lie” and “All of the Dead Girls” — it’s pretty neat.

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  1. That was cool. We don’t always hear from Tim and its great when we do. He is a real stand up guy.

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