Tom Clears Up Confusion On The Forum

So it looks like the band has been lurking around the official forum where there has been discussion about the confusion in what’s going on with the studio process. Tom confirms again that the band DID indeed work in the studio last year to record more songs for the upcoming album, and several rough demos of songs, which is expected. They did a lot of writing last year and are heading into the studio to master and record them as well as new material.

Yep I can see how our tweets might be less than clear about this process.

We worked (in a little studio) most of last year writing songs.

We ‘demo’ them as we write, which is like making rough draft recordings.

At one point we did go into a ‘real’ studio last year in May I think to really record some of them for the final album versions.

But we didn’t finish those songs completely in that session. After that we resumed in the writing studio and wrote more tunes during the rest of last year.

Now, starting today, we’re back in a real studio really recording again. Excitedly!

There are two new ND babies coming soon, mine and Tony’s, so there will be a little delay for that. 🙂

This process does take us awhile, it always has. Plus life is a little more complicated and busy than it was before we all had kids etc.
So the goal is to write a couple songs more this year and of course finish recording all of them.

We’re really really happy with the new songs and feel this great sense of momentum going into the new year.


We have also updated the new album FAQs page. At this time, we are thinking more of a late summer/Fall/Winter release for the album.

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  1. I feel like this friggin album is never coming out. With all the delays and what not…it had better be epic. Make it worth our while—I feel like we have given the band more than ample time to bust something out. Release a teaser single… damn!

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