Tom Appearing at NAMM Convention Jan. 25

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Tom’s presentation with GJ² Guitars will be streaming live from the NAMM conference starting at 11:40 AM PST on January 23. Tom and Grover Jackson will be unveiling the new Zora model to the public during the press and media event.


Tom has confirmed via Twitter that he will be appearing for a meet and greet at the GJ² booth (Hall C, Booth #4296) from 11:00AM – 12:00PM on January 25 at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, California. Both himself and Adrian have visited the convention for the past few years. Tickets are pretty much only offered to industries and vendors so congratulations to the lucky fans who were attending that would be able to meet Tom at this very special event.

During the event, Tom and Grover Jackson of GJ² Guitars will be unveiling the new Zora line in a special media preview. Tom worked with Grover on the latest designs.

Tom also visited Grover’s shop yesterday and shared a few photos!

3 Replies to “Tom Appearing at NAMM Convention Jan. 25”

  1. Now this is the Tom that I like… Not the one that’s been wearing leather jackets and eyeliner LOL He looks good here.

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