Report: Tom Working On “Super-Secret Project” With The Shutterclick


So I took to Twitter to ask the photographer if he could give us a hint as to what the project is. Apparently he shot a bunch of different songwriters for a project he’s working on, and Tom is one of them. We are still excited to see it!

@beaconstreet it’s a photo series I am working on with different songwriters.. Tom was was one of the songwriters I shot

Thank you to Daniel from @NDCforum for sharing with us! Apparently it’s being reported that Tom is working on a “super-secret project” with The Shutterclick, a professional photographer out of Los Angeles. Wow, we are super stoked to see what’s going on! They were working together back on November 30.

We will keep you updated!

@theshutterclick Great shoot today with Tom Dumont for a super secret project I’m working on..
30 Nov

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