Photos: Tom’s Presentation with GJ² Guitars

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More photos from the presentation have been shared courtesy of

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day

2013 NAMM Show - Media Preview Day










Tom’s presentation with Grover Jackson of GJ² Guitars is about to kick off at NAMM (streaming here) at 11:40 AM PST! Check out a few photos of Tom getting interviewed at the special media event and some of our screen captures from the stream. We’ll keep you updated with the latest and wish the two the best of luck!

The wonderful team at have said they will try and share more photos and videos from the presentation afterwards.

Click here to see more photos!


OC Register has shared a little more information from the event this afternoon and quick video of Tom testing out one of the new Zora models (he comes in at 1:02 in the video below).

No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont also turned up to share a few licks on behalf of Laguna Hills guitar manufacturer GJ2, co-founded by Grover Jackson. “I was a rock music lover,” Dumont mentioned, recalling the sound and feel of Jackson guitars back in the day. “I get the same feeling today as I got all those years ago.”

8 Replies to “Photos: Tom’s Presentation with GJ² Guitars”

  1. He looks so much younger when he’s not doing the whole “rock star in leather” look. He looks really good here!

    1. Amanda, I saw all your other comments about what Tom is wearing and you don’t have to tell him what to wear, he could be enjoying himself with the whole “rockstar” look, seriously he is a grown man capable of showing what he likes to wear, if he is liking the rockstar look, let him be.

  2. Aaaw he looks so happy with those guitars. He always looked so sad and tired on the more recent pictures with ND. Glad to see him smiling again.

  3. You’re right Amanda, he does look better here. That’s so sad that he looks bummed out and tired in the ND pictures but it’s totally true. Good for him!

  4. Austin – It’s my opinion and this is a comment section. I don’t see what the problem is? Looks like a few others think he looks good here too.

  5. Amanda troll meh.

    Tom seems happy here and I ‘d love to be able to afford one of those guitars they look amazing

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