New Tom Interview With OC Metblogs


A new interview with Tom has shown up on OC’s Metblogs and discusses how the band is still connected with Orange County, his new favorite bands, and how excited he is about bringing the whole family out on tour.


Tom used to work at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater (back when it was Irvine Meadows) as a burger cook when he was 16, which he worked at every summer for the next 4-5 years. He says his most memorable moment there was when No Doubt opened for Ziggy Marley in 1990. He said it was amazing still being an unknown band playing in that big a venue. Tom thinks the upcoming four shows in Irvine this July/August will top that. (Yay! We’ll be there for them!) He says the bands that No Doubt was closest with in the early days were Cadillac Tramps, the Vandals, Suburban Rhythm and of course Sublime. Hungry for good Mexican food that ND approves in Anaheim? He said their two favorite spots are Mexi-casa on Lincoln Blvd and El Taco. Some of the bands Tom is into at the moment are White Buffalo, the Decemberists and the Fleet Foxes, and Vampire Weekend.

Jeff Donaldson: Growing up in Orange County, I know you ventured to Irvine Meadows / Verizon Wireless Amphitheater at least once as a teen/ young adult. My first concert there was Berlin and Talk Talk. Do you remember the first concert you went to go see there? Who did you go to see?

Tom Dumont: Actually my first memories of Irvine Meadows was as an employee. I grew up in Irvine, and when I turned 16 I got a job there, literally flipping hamburgers in the concession stands…I worked there every summer for at least 4 or 5 years. I just loved music and I usually got off the grill early enough to catch most of the headliners set. If there was a band playing that I really liked, I’d sneak in using my employee badge and shirt. So basically in the 80’s I saw almost everyone who played there. I loved it. And quickly moved up from burgers to beer sales to managing stands. I was ambitious 🙂

Due to request from author, head over to OC’s Metblogs for the rest of the interview.

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