New Tom And Tony Interviews With Fuse; Closing Tour In Hawaii


Thanks so much to Rosie for all the updates — but new interviews with Tom and Tom from Bamboozle were featured in Fuse’s Number One Countdown last night. They talked about the upcoming tour, and Tony mentioned how they will be closing the tour in Hawaii — so all of those rumors of a South America tour… sorry to say, probably won’t be happening at this point. Nothing was confirmed by the band in the first place, but dates were showing up on several sites. Tony also mentioned that they don’t plan on switching up the setlist on the tour — for Gabe and Steve’s sake. Thanks again to Rosie, here are a couple of re-caps of the interviews for us! Too bad I don’t get Fuse, but here are a couple of repeat dates for fans who want to check it out if you missed it!

Wednesday 5/13 @ 1am & 3pm, Thursday 5/14 @ 11am & 7pm, Sunday 5/18 @ 12pm

  • t’s on now! Stephen is interviewing Tom and Tony-he talked to them at Bamboozle.They haven’t said anything really new so far,just mentioning again how Gwen had suggested that they play shows to get inspired to write he new record,and that Tony is bringing a studio on his tour bus.Tom mentioned that he thinks the tour is ”recharging their batteries” and that the the first show at Borgata was ”glorious”.Apparantly they are going to play ND videos in between the interview segments-Stephen said they are doing a chronological look back at ND’s videos. Right now they’re playing JAG.
  • Haha,they just played Spiderwebs and Stephen said he had that song as his outgoing message on his phone for four years. He asked them about the opening acts,and Tom said that it’s a fun process choosing the opening bands,mentioning that half of it involves choosing bands they like and the other half is about choosing bands the audience will be stoked to see. Stephen noted that Hayley of Paramore is a big fan of ND and asked if they thought ND would be passing the torch to Paramore;Tony said no,that they are keeping the torch,and that there are plenty of torches to go around,lol.
  • Tony is saying that they’ve always been a very energetic band,and that that was ingrained int them by watching bands like Madness and The Specials. He said there are goofy moments onstage,and joked that there is a prize for who is the goofiest.Tom said it’s usually between Tony and Adrian,though Gwen can be goofy at times.They acknowledged the Clockwork Orange inspired tour clothes,saying Gwen is very influential in that department.Tony said though eh hasn’t seen Clockwork Orange in a while.They just played Don’t Speak-geez,i hope i can see the whole show.
  • Stephen asked about the band taking their families on tour-Tom joked that,yes, some band members have had ”marital relations” in the last couple of years.He said he is excited to have the families along-he thinks it will be awesome;Stephen asked if Tony would be produing the new record-he said that since they all have very strong opinions,it’s probably best to have an outside producer come in and act as referee.He mentioned again how their individual experiences in working with other people the past few years will help them in making the new record. He also mentioned again about his mobile studio and said he will be inviting his bandmates to try and write on days off or on overnight drives on the bus.
  • Stephen just asked if they’ve ever zoned off onstage;Tony said yes,that he’s gone into ”survival mode”,including during The Today Show appearance since they were all nervous. He said he hss a memory of when ND played SNL for the first in 96 and during Don’t Speak he zoned out and ”dropped the song”. Tom said that it happens to him,too,but that it’s more that he kind of stops thinking and just feels the emotion of the song after a few weeks on tour. Tony said he thought it can be good thing sometimes to be nervous since it can help you feel alive.
  • They played Hey Baby and now Hella Good;Stephen asked how they decide upon a setlist;Tony said they like to ”hit people over the head” with the hits,but like he’s said ebfore they have dug deeper and played songs they haven’t played in 10 years,which is very fun for them.He said they go over the setlist before shows,and don’t plan on spontaneously playing a song onstage but rather have a planned setlist,because of factors like Steve and Gabe playing with them.
  • There’s about ten minutes left to it,but yes,it’s just Tom and Tony. Stephen just asked them what happens when things go wrong during a show;he mentioned how people sometimes love to upload such moments to YouTube and such. I LOVED their replies;Tom said it can be interesting for the audience sometimes if Gwen forgets a lyric or if he fumbles a solo,not that they purposely do so.He said that if one wheel pops off,the show will still go on.Tony said he was ”extremely nervous” before The Today Show appearance but that Tom had resssured him that everything would be fine and that if mistakes were made,it would still be no big deal.Tony said he like the rest of the band is human not a ”droid”,and that that kind of reassurance is what makes ND a family.
  • Hmm,Tony just said that Hawaii will be the end of the tour,so i guess that means August 8 really will be the last show? He said they will likely spend some time there after the tour is over to ”decompress and enjoy”,and then get back to finishing the record.(Tom joked that he put in for five days off,but Tony said he would take one day off before returning to the studio,lol.)He responded to Stephen’s question that it’s too early to say if they will be collaborating with other artiists like they did on Rock Steady,but joked it would be cool if they teamed up with non-musical people like astronauts,lol.Ahh,they’re playing my fave,It’s My Life.
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