Instagrams: Recording with Chris Lennertz (Updated)

Tom Tweeted and shared a photo of himself with Chris Lennertz recording guitars at Sonic Fuel Studios for the upcoming Horrible Bosses 2 soundtrack. He looks incredibly happy being back at work and we cannot wait to hear more.

Tom also shared a few adorable photos on Instagram including a sweet selfie of himself and his three boys. We hope the Dumont family are enjoying their summer!

8 Replies to “Instagrams: Recording with Chris Lennertz (Updated)”

  1. Scoring or producing a highly anticipated movie is a big thing! Congrats to Tom. Love him. <3

  2. J., the 1st movie was actually good. Not my kind of movie but for a comedy it was not that bad. Anyway, work is work, so try to keep an open mind. Better than sit around all day at home. And it would be great that from now on Tom continued to get more of these opportunities.

  3. Yes work is work, and lets be real Tom is one of the best guitarist of my generation. Any chance to hear him play in any format…I’ll take it. If he wants to jam the alphabet and put it on iTunes id download it

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