Happy 42nd Birthday Tom Dumont!

Everyone at BSO would like to wish our very own Mr. Tom Dumont a Happy 42nd Birthday today! Thank you Tom for all the memories, Tweets, and what not that made 2009 an epic year for us and fellow No Doubters! We wish you and your family the best and a happy new year! We love you!

Tom Dumont (born Thomas Martin Dumont, January 11, 1968, Los Angeles, California) is an American guitarist and producer. Dumont is a member of third wave ska band No Doubt, and during the band’s hiatus, he began Invincible Overlord as a side project and produced Matt Costa’s Songs We Sing.

The Dumont family lived in Irvine, California. Tom was the only adopted child in his family and has two siblings. Dumont’s father, who played the piano, gave his son a guitar at age twelve. Dumont practiced by strumming folk songs by the likes of James Taylor. Dumont was influenced by heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and KISS. He joined his older sister’s heavy metal band Rising, but left in 1988 for third wave ska band No Doubt. He has one sister named Gina and a brother named John.

Dumont studied music theory for five semesters at Orange Coast College. When the band moved into a house on Beacon Avenue in Anaheim, he wrote a poem about being addicted to television. He took the poem to Eric Stefani, who put the poem to music and came up with the song “Trapped in a Box”. The song was recorded for the band’s self-titled debut album and was the album’s only single.

The band later self-released The Beacon Street Collection in March 1995. The same month, Dumont left his job as a file clerk at a mortgage company. He had “a good feeling” about having finished recording Tragic Kingdom and planned to fall back on promoting rock concerts if the album was not successful. Tragic Kingdom became a commercial success, certified diamond in the United States and selling sixteen million copies worldwide. When Eric left the band, Tom took leadership in writing and composing responsibilities.

After the Tragic Kingdom tour, Tom returned to his home in Long Beach, California and started surfing in 1997. Dumont is a member of The Surfrider Foundation, an environmental organization to preserve coastal life. Since Eric Stefani left, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani became No Doubt’s primary songwriters.

During No Doubt’s hiatus, Dumont produced Matt Costa’s 2005 debut album, titled Songs We Sing, after hearing a demo tape by Costa.

Read more about Tom on his official Wikipedia page.

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