Davey Havok Confirms New Unnamed Band with Tom, Tony and Adrian (Updated)


In an Instagram post, Tom commented and shared with fans that the new band plans on recording this summer and is planning on a 2017 release!

thx so much for the support. we’ll be recording all summer and the way these things go an early ’17 release seems so far away. I’m so proud of the songs, we’re all able to shine and Davey is so creative $ sweet. We’re starting from scratch but there’s something so good and pure about that. It all feels like


Photo courtesy of AFI
Photo courtesy of AFI

In a new interview with KROQ, Davey Havok spoke about his new project with Tom, Tony and Adrian and called the band’s announcement earlier this month “wildly premature”.

Inside sources had revealed the new unnamed band’s plans to Billboard which reported that Tom, Tony and Adrian were teaming up with AFI’s Davey Havok on an entirely new project and were working to release an alternative album. Reports said that the band is being managed by Pat Magnarella and were shopping around a full album’s worth of material to labels for representation.

Davey clarified the project making it clear that he is “not singing for No Doubt” and that the band has no plans on touring in the next few months. “We have songs that are fully complete. No name, but complete songs. And, it’s just a great time. It’s really fun. I don’t know what to call it. It’s great. I think people will really like it.”

Tom recently shared on Twitter that the band is starting to record now.

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  1. I think I’m a bit older than most of u all.. Very familiar with Davey and AFI, and while I’m happy the guys are making music with or with out Gwen, I can already say I know I won’t genuinely like this. I don’t like anything about Davey

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