DREAMCAR Makes TV Debut on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Photo courtesy of DREAMCAR

DREAMCAR made their big television debut on tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live airing on ABC. The band performed their first single “Kill For Candy” in an intimate and pre-recorded performance for the show. DREAMCAR looked incredible and their singles came across as really strong on TV. Their chemistry is really strong and we can’t wait to see them rock The Late, Late Show stage on May 11.

Check out the two aired performances from Jimmy Kimmel Live of “Kill For Candy” and “All of the Dead Girls” below!

12 Replies to “DREAMCAR Makes TV Debut on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’”

    1. Cellophane boy 20, I agree with you that Davey is a great front man. It is immediately obvious why the ND boys chose him… But I respectfully disagree about your comment that this is better than Push And Shove. Despite its tepid reviews, I found P&S to be a great album which gave birth to some of my favorite ND songs to date. Having said that, I don’t think that DREAMCAR and No Doubt are comparable. Despite their shared members, they are two entirely different entities. No need for camparison. They can both be enjoyed separately, because they both can stand proudly on their own.

  1. When I saw DREAMCAR in concert before any of the songs from the album were released (besides Kill For Candy), All Of The Dead Girls was a standout song for me. I really enjoyed it live. Then, when the album version was released, I wasn’t as hot on it. I was left confused as to whether I liked the song or not. Now, seeing it performed live again, I am back to my original feelings of loving it. I think this is a case of a song that needs the live connection to showcase its true brilliance.

  2. Can I just say that I am really not too impressed with what I have heard so far from this project? I don’t know… Those lyrics… the done-to-death 80s sound… I am not feeling it all that much tbh.

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