The Boys Writing Songs With Operator Please Singer Amandah Wilkinson

Thanks to Rosie for finding, according to, the boys have been writing tracks with lead singer of Australia’s Operator Please, Amandah Wilkinson, for upcoming tracks for the Aussie band’s new album. It doesn’t list any more information on the project, and I don’t know how it’s going down, but it says it is confirmed… […]

Gwen Thinks Every Time She Writes A Song It's A "Miracle"

Taken from Yahoo! this morning, here is a cute little article featuring a recent quote from Gwen to MTV last week about how writing a songs. She considers them “miracles,” and how it’s such a reward writing a hit song. Gwen Stefani says songwriting is “like having a baby”. The No Doubt rocker – who […]

Gwen: "I Don't Expect To Write Any Songs On This Tour"

Taken from AOL, the band (mostly Gwen) sat down for a new interview, and basically rehashed the same information about being pregnant and wanting to get out for the tour. Gwen states that she doesn’t expect to write any new material on the road at the moment, but Tony will be bringing along a digital […]

No Doubt Create Touring Recording Studio

Gwen mentioned this in her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, that Tony decided to bring along a recording-bus along with the band on the road for when they get inspired. A new article on Digital Spy gives a little more insight on it. No Doubt have revealed that they are taking a studio on the […]