Video: Gwen's Acceptance Speech From The Bravo! A-List Awards

Sorry for the crappy quality — my digital camera was the closest thing — but here is Gwen’s :25 second spot winning two Bravo! A-List Awards for Best Female Style and Best Celebrity Designer. If you still want to tune in yourself for the show, it’s about 45 minutes in, right after the award for […]

Official: Gwen Won Two Bravo! A-List Awards

Woo! It’s official! Gwen did win both of her awards for the Bravo! A-List Awards at the ceremony which was taped last night. Sadly, she didn’t show up, but she did pre-tape her acceptance speech in Hollywood last week, which will air on April 15th. It looks like the fans pulled her through on this […]

No Doubt Cracking Down On Widget Cheaters!

And THIS IS WHY WE LOVE THEM! How awesome! About time! Taken from this morning. First and foremost, we want to say THANK YOU to all the fans who have been grabbing and sharing the No Doubt 2009 Tour Widget. We dug deep into the band archives to gather the prizes for the contest, […]