Elle Wants You To Vote On Gwen's Hairstyles

Elle put up a new section on their site for you to vote on your favorite hairstyles of Gwen through the years from different eras. It’s pretty neat to see similar styles come up from time to time with some twists. Make sure to check it out and vote!

New Poll: Which Of Gwen's Outfits On This Tour Is Your Favorite?

We added a new poll — we want to know which of Gwen’s outfits on this tour is your favorite! Please cast your vote now! You can access the poll on the left under the bandhouse. Thanks everyone in advance!

Gwen Stefani: What's Her Best Hair?

People.com put up a new poll for fans to vote which of her current hair styles your prefer: the classic up-done style for the twisty knots that she’s been wearing lately on tour. It looks like majority of voters prefer the messy up-do, with an overwhelming 96%, but we think the twisty knots suits her […]

New Poll: How Many Times Are You Seeing No Doubt This Summer?

Make sure you get your votes in! We will have the results for the last poll coming soon!

Poll: Which Song Would You Not Mind Being Cut From The Setlist?

The time has come! So, keeping in the spirit of tour news, we wanted to hear your opinion about the upcoming setlist. So, we already know that the majority of it will be a reminder of The Singles tour, but if you had to choose one, which song would you cut out? I took some […]

vote for gwen – most stylish mom

Celebrity moms have their hands full looking after their little ones, but somehow they always manage to look fabulous. Who do you think has the best style? Vote now for the most glamorous mom! The results will be published in the Mother’s Day issue of HELLO! Canada magazine, which hits newsstands May 1. gwen is […]